Hi, I'm Tati

I'm a self-taught fiber artist based in Brooklyn, NY. I am very passionate about supporting small, local, and (whenever possible) women run businesses. Additionally, I firmly believe in the importance of developing sustainable, environmentally friendly practices. I put a lot of thought into every stage of the creative process, from deciding what materials to use and where to buy it from, to the level of detail that goes into every stitch. When you purchase from The Studio Nook, you are supporting a lot more than just one person's business - you are supporting the production of traceable and handcrafted goods, small businesses across the country, and the reduced consumption of plastic.

Small beginnings

I was back in my childhood home one winter break, during my senior year of college, when I accidentally found a crochet hook in a random box of junk. Curious, I took it back to college with me and ran a quick YouTube search: "how to crochet." The repetitive movement felt calming and before I knew it I was making scarves, hats, and headbands. Two years later, after the encouragement of a kind stranger and fellow maker I met in a coffee shop in San Francisco, I decided to open an Etsy shop.

Originally titled Form 1 Shop, I sold my crochet winter wares. A year later, I started making necklaces out of clay and woven wall hangings. A year after, that I began to embroider and sew. Then, in 2017, I decided to create a more cohesive brand that told the story of my work. The Studio Nook's name came from what my roommates and I call the part of our home where I do all my crafting. A little nook in our apartment that I took over as a studio space. It's my studio nook.