Repair, not replace

I'm a firm believer that we should buy fewer, better things that are built to last. However, some things will inevitably break or become worn down with time. I place a lot of time and effort making sure that my items will last for years, but if for some reason they become torn or damaged due to use then I am more than happy to repair it. Let's avoid adding to landfill when something no longer work for us. Let's aim to repair, not replace, the things we own. Please note that this is a courtesy and depending on the level of damage or the cause of damage, I may choose not to repair it. 

returns and exchanges

I am a tiny (micro!) business, and cannot afford to accept returns or exchanges.


Any and all feedback is welcome! I am a new business and a one woman show. I put a lot of care into my items and I hope it shows, but I love hearing people's feedback (both positive and negative!) If there's something you think I can do better, or that you're unhappy with, or that you really enjoy, please let me know. It really does matter to me.

custom orders

I love making custom pieces! My work lends itself well to custom work, and I'm happy to make anything. Reach out with your request/vision/idea and we'll talk about how to make it a reality.


Tote bags, bento bags, and cotton flannel scarves are pre-washed, so they're 100% fine to throw in the washing and drying machine. Since they're made only of natural materials, they won't release microplastics into our waterways. For zipper pouches, spot cleaning or hand washing is best. If you prefer, you can use a washing machine (even for embroidered pieces), but avoid using the dryer as the fabric may shrink and alter the shape of the pouch. Instead, lay flat to dry.

Please wash all alpaca wares by hand to avoid felting.