I believe in supporting sustainable practices, small businesses, and creative endeavors. I also believe in full transparency. You should know exactly what you are getting when you buy from Form 1.

about Tatiana

I am a self-taught fiber artist based in Brooklyn, NY. After finding an old crochet hook in my house, I decided to learn how to crochet (on YouTube!) and, over the years, found that I have a knack for making things and a deep love of textiles.

All items are made entirely by my own two hands, from start to finish, in my studio in Brooklyn. I source my fabrics and plant-based yarns from small American businesses (that are local and women-operated whenever possible). My alpaca fibers come from a small family-run operation in Canada, where the alpacas are loved and deeply cared for. I take great pride in ensuring that the items I make are aligned with my values and beliefs, from supporting small local businesses to utilizing natural materials that won't damage our planet.

why "Form 1"

This project was born from a desire to create different forms of art through different forms of fiber. Whether it's thread, yarn, fabric or rope, they can be manipulated to create an image, a basket, a tote, a scarf... Items that are soft to the touch, textured and earth-friendly.

Every piece I make started as a natural fiber that was spun, knotted, warped or woven to create a functional or decorative art form. They are not stand alone works but, instead, a collective of untitled manipulated fibers. In other words, different forms of textile-arts.